I am Jay Stance a

Full-Stack developer Expert React dev. Problem Solver Pythonista

With a hundred of ways, you can count on me in implementing the most efficient solution to your project. Deadlines are no worries, neither is scalability. Your project is a journey, let's build the future together.

What I Do

What am I Known For?

With a Full-stack developer next to you, Your idea will go live on all platforms

Web Development

Design is thinking made visual. With an online space, you can pass your message accross the globe. With modern technologies like React, Node.js and Django, webbing your ideas will be no difficulty

Desktop Development

Using Technologies like Electron, Native desktop applications have been made easier and efficient. Web applications can be seamlessly converted to native desktop applications

Mobile Development

React Native has always been the trend in mobile development due to its cross-platform ability. One code, many Platforms. As your business evolves, so does your app. I will get your app Playstaore/AppStore ready

Automation & Scripting

In the long term, artificial intelligence and automation using technologies like selenium, beutiful Soap, PyautoGUI are going to be taking over so much of what gives humans a feeling of purpose. Let's automate the boring tasks.


With thr aid of version controllers like Git, Gitlab, Github and Slack, collabaorating with fellow developers on on-going project is fun. I am evver ready to be part of your innovation with fellow developers

Currently GDSC Lead
I am currently the lead of Google Developer Student's Club

As a result of my good leadership qualities and programming experience, I was made the Lead of the Google Developer Student Club(GDSC) in my school. This is a club organised by Google to bring students interested in programming together to solve their various societal problems. With my problem solving skills, i hope to make some huge impact in my school

Interesting facts
Some Interesting facts about me 😎

Working Time

I spend an average of 85 hours a week working

Awards Won

Do far I have won 4 awards relating to programming


I have had a total of 16 coffees, you can make it 17

happy Clients

6 Clents have enjoyed my projects and so will you


Word's On The Streets

Here are what some clinets have to say concerning my projects with them

Stephen Rumberg

via Upwork

I needed an optimiesd File Upload Service for my already existing web application, and Jay did this perfectly well with some additional features too. I so much love his work, he's good

StacyUk Couture


I was having some issues making sales due to my restrivtion to the number of clients I could reach. So I needed a custom online store for my clothing store and he did this effortlessly. He's a master at his craft .

Mrs. Afe


Looking for a means of getting images for a training a model involving photo manipulation, I cam across Jay Stance. He understood the fact that I needed this urgently and he delivered before expected time. I recommend him